What We Do

MARK9 can provide search services for the following situations:

  • Finding lost people in both wilderness and urban environments
  • Searching for victims in collapsed buildings
  • Determining the location of drowning victims in lakes and rivers
  • Locating Alzheimer's or elderly patients that have wandered off
  • Participating in disaster searches after a tornado, flood, or catastrophic event
  • Searching for the deceased

Our capabilities:

  • Dogs are trained in air-scent, trailing, cadaver, and water searches.
  • The dogs can search for a specific person in contaminated areas with a scent article or can search for all humans in a given area.
  • Members are trained in all aspects of search and rescue, including crime scene preservation, HazMat awareness and disaster safety. A complete list of training subjects is available upon request.
  • Presentations and training can be provided at your location in the following topics:
  • How to use a search and rescue dog
  • How to use a USAR dog
  • Sit & Stay — what to do if lost in the woods (for children)
  • Senior Citizen Program
  • Understanding and locating the Alzheimer's walkaway