Sit & Stay presentations

This program will teach a child what to do if lost in the woods. It covers a variety of techniques designed to protect a lost child and help searchers locate the child more easily.

Sit & Stay is entertaining as well as informative. The teaching techniques help to alleviate children's fears about being lost and give them concrete tips on what to do.

As part of this program, children get to meet the dogs of MARK9, as well as get a brief class on bite prevention.

Here are the five main program points covered in Sit & Stay:

  1. Sit & Stay — find a spot and wait for help
  2. Somebody will come — searchers will be looking for you
  3. Make yourself big — this will help you be seen by ground and air searchers
  4. Make yourself loud — this will help you be heard by those who are looking for you
  5. Recognize the good guys — it's important to be able to recognize the searchers and know how to respond to them