How to Help

Although all search and rescue work is voluntary, it is a very serious endeavor, and the commitment in time, money, energy, and emotion is great. Search and rescue work is not a hobby or an interest, it's a commitment we make to the community and to our dogs — one that we do not take lightly.

Once we get a call to respond to a search and rescue opportunity, human lives may be at stake. How quickly we find them may mean a great difference in the outcome. And we won't always be asked to look for live victims; we'll be asked to assist in the recovery of the deceased, as well. That is an important part of our function, not only to police and fire departments, but to the relatives and friends of victims. And most of the time, nobody but the immediate people involved will even know we were there. It's hard, often unnoticed work, and we have to be willing to give up our free time with little thanks. The calls will not always come when it's convenient, and we have to be ready to respond at any time, day or night.

All search team work creates financial responsibilities and needs — for equipment repair and replacement or travel funds, for example. We are grateful for public contr­ibutions of all types, and have outlined a few ways you can easily assist us.


Learn more about ways you can help our team achieve our mission: